QDevelop in Debian and Ubuntu

I got a mail from an old friend of mine, saying that he wishes to close debian/#427835. It seems that he is a DD, and he will be my private DD, YAY! He already has given me a lot of changes, which got uploaded to our repository.

Then I decided to check what Ubuntu has to offer, and I found Daniel Rocher’s page, with his “debian” package. How sweet! I incorporated his changes as well.

Then I decided to fix all Lintian fixes, and now I have a working Debian package which Mohamed will hopefully upload ASAP, and Daniel will also upload it to the next Ubuntu version. Again, sweet!

Please, pretty please, if you are working on a QDevelop package (for whatever distribution!) please subscribe to our mailing list and do tell us! We would really like to know how this package doing in the distros, and we can sometimes even help.

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Usable konsole

Konsole was kinda borked for Hebrew/Arabic/Farsi users in the last weeks. This is the before image:


This was bug 156654 which was fixed by revision 766384. And here is how it looks today on my desktop:


Sweet, now I have a working Konsole once more מגניב
Robert, you are my weekend hero, I am sorry I did not know about that QPainter::drawText() voodo you used, otherwise I would not bother you with that. Now I am smarter. Thanks again!

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