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so.. I was talking with my Algebra professor, and I was like “and if I need to contact you?” and he is “this is my email, but you can see it on the site as well” and I was “yes, but the site stinks and usually it does not work” and he responds “and it even does not work on Firefox!” to which I responded “Yes, tell me about it, I don’t use Window at home to visiting the site is a pain for me”.

Now I learned something new: he installed Ubuntu on his home (or office, I memory sux balls…). Why? You see he told me he needs to write math documents. Using MS-Word, Hebrew, Math and linking the documents – just kills MS-Word. So he uses LaTeX, and on Windows there is no usable BiDi enabled text editor for LaTeX. So, under Ubuntu he uses GEdit, and it kicks ass.

So to sum things up: gedit: you kick ass, Ubuntu: you kick ass, LaTeX: you kick ass

This means bad things for me, since:
1) Gnome sux0rz, KDE ownz
2) I need to finish Kate BiDi support (it’s unacceptable that GEdit is better then Kate)
3) Mandriva kicks Ubuntu’s ass
4) Kate kicks ass

If I failed to offend you in this post, please leave a message. I will address you in next post.

PS: icewm ownz too.

ah… also WordPress also licks balls. See what happens when I use lists on my blog (if you see this on the planet, please visit my blog’s site to see the error):

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
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I have just finished seeing T3. While it looks like a pale and stupid version of T2, it reminds me something.
We need better firewalls.

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Mandriva 2008.1 and Openoffice – arabic/hindi numbers instead of decimal numbers

I am using Mandriva 2008 (which I got from our local distributor) spring for the last few weeks. Most of the things are pretty much excellent, and I am really happy about this distro. However, there is one huge thing which prevents me from using it and promoting it in the local community: The OOo issue: 86811, and 38874 in Mandriva’s database.

Basically this bug kills the documents loaded by OpenOffice by displaying Hindy numbers instead of Arabic numbers. This really kills productivity for all Hebrew users (and I also heard it affects many other languages).

Patches are available (see the bug in Mandriva, where Dotan Kamber pointed to the fix). All other distros updated their package to fix this issue, and a new version of OpenOffice (2.4.1) has been released.

But still, Mandriva has this bug: all other distros have this bug fixed, only Mandriva still has this bug open. Sorry, but this makes my Mandriva useless – please fix this bug.


I have been told to activate the testing repositories. So I fired up DrakConf and opened the Software Management tab, and inside Configure media sources for install and update I selected also testing (I only had backports, main and contrib selected). Since this is a testing repository, I only choose to update OpenOffice.

My update settings


The update source I am using is, which contains I can confirm that works while does not work.

 My real question is: who do I have to send pizza in order to get this as an official update? I hope someone in france and not in brazil… 🙂

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