Konqueror 3 + GMail = love?

I am running here Mandriva 2008.1 with KDE 3.5.9, and I have set up Konqueror to idenitify as Mozilla 1.7.3 on Windows XP and now GMail works. I don’t think the chat works, but everything else seems to work. It is the old interface (no cool labels), but it does work!

Google reader is not working perfectly as well (I did not change the identification there). One of the problems is scrolling with the mouse wheel. It seems that they use an iframe, and the top frame is eating the events instead of propageting it to the internal iframe. I am seeing this on other sites. Also pressing “n” to move to the next article is not working, but space works as expected. Funny.

… and that’s the obsolete Konqueror on KDE3! now I really want to re-compile KDE4 and test Konqueror 4.1! If anyone wants to open bugs on Konqueror4, go for it. IMHO opening against KDE3 is not smart.

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QDevelop in YouTube

I found a video in youtube, which explains how to use QDevelop. SWEET. vijayiitm, you totally kick ass, thanks! Bring more videos!

(lets try to embed it, I wonder if the planet supports this)

[gv data=”b8ev_b46ln0″][/gv]


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QDevelop and Qt 4.4

QDevelop fails to load when running under Qt4.4. This was fixed by revision 321, so if you are running an SVN snapshot, please update. If you are running a packages version, downgrade to Qt 4.3 or compile from SVN, sorry.

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Mandriva in the holy land

The last few months something really good started happening here in Israel: many GNU/Linux distributions started working to promote it locally and some have local distributors. We have Chameleon representing Novell/OpenSUSE, Ubuntu have a local community, Debian as always have a local community, CentOS has another local community, and finally, one of my favorites, MandrivaLinux Israel.


Last week I have met Roy, the CEO of ֵMandrivaLinux Israel, and he gave me a lot of Mandriva goodies. One of my favorites (I do have to test 2008.1, I will try to find some time in the near future), is the Mandriva Flash. It’s 4GB size, of which you have about 2GB for user data. The disk is pretty much… don’t know how to quite say it, it just works. If you needs a “livecd”, with permanent storage it works. If just need a USB disk – it works as well (the data partition is formatted with FAT so it’s usable by Windows and Linux).


It’s always good to see the work we do here in KDE, being put in such an impressive package.

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