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QDevelop in YouTube

I found a video in youtube, which explains how to use QDevelop. SWEET. vijayiitm, you totally kick ass, thanks! Bring more videos!

(lets try to embed it, I wonder if the planet supports this)

[gv data=”b8ev_b46ln0″][/gv]


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Mandriva in the holy land

The last few months something really good started happening here in Israel: many GNU/Linux distributions started working to promote it locally and some have local distributors. We have Chameleon representing Novell/OpenSUSE, Ubuntu have a local community, Debian as always have a local community, CentOS has another local community, and finally, one of my favorites, MandrivaLinux Israel.


Last week I have met Roy, the CEO of ֵMandrivaLinux Israel, and he gave me a lot of Mandriva goodies. One of my favorites (I do have to test 2008.1, I will try to find some time in the near future), is the Mandriva Flash. It’s 4GB size, of which you have about 2GB for user data. The disk is pretty much… don’t know how to quite say it, it just works. If you needs a “livecd”, with permanent storage it works. If just need a USB disk – it works as well (the data partition is formatted with FAT so it’s usable by Windows and Linux).


It’s always good to see the work we do here in KDE, being put in such an impressive package.

mandriva - all



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Improove katePart and BiDi

One of the best things about Qt4 is it’s great support for non Latin scripts. The classes are called “The Scribe Classes” and they are well documented in Qt4’s documentation. katePart has been ported to use those classes in a very early stage, and in theory kate4/kwrite4 should support BiDi in a very good way. In practice it is not the case.

In practice, the direction of the paragraphs was inherited by the layout system. This means that if you are using kwrite in RTL mode (in Hebrew or Arabic user interface, or just passing the –reverse command line) text (specially code, wich is damn ugly!) will be displayed in RTL mode, which is bad. Another bad thing is that RTL paragraphs are not right aligned (the direction was RTL but they were left aligned) and this is also bad.

The fix was actually pretty trivial, when you sit and learn how Qt4 handles text, and I already commited it to the SVN and it will be part of KDE4.1. I also coded a new method which tries to detect the best direction for the paragraph not based on the first strong character, but it scans the whole line, and detects which language is more dominant in that paragraph/line. We have this code in konversation (KDE3) and Thomas Zander has implemented it also in KWord (KDE4), so I think it’s tested enough and safe to use.

As always, mandatory screen shot:




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yay to mozilla!

If you want to know how to screw your users, please follow Mozilla’s path, and close HUGE AND ANNOYING BUGS 6 years after it’s been opened. Yes,it’s finally done, and I can copy text in Firefox trunk. Yay! I will be able to copy/paste in Firefox 4! yes! (BTW, on my Firefox, from Ubuntu 7.10 this is not working, I wonder what’s happening in 8.04).

Dear KDE: please, pretty please, integrate webkit into KDE 4, so I can stop using FF. Thanks.


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QDevelop in Debian and Ubuntu

I got a mail from an old friend of mine, saying that he wishes to close debian/#427835. It seems that he is a DD, and he will be my private DD, YAY! He already has given me a lot of changes, which got uploaded to our repository.

Then I decided to check what Ubuntu has to offer, and I found Daniel Rocher’s page, with his “debian” package. How sweet! I incorporated his changes as well.

Then I decided to fix all Lintian fixes, and now I have a working Debian package which Mohamed will hopefully upload ASAP, and Daniel will also upload it to the next Ubuntu version. Again, sweet!

Please, pretty please, if you are working on a QDevelop package (for whatever distribution!) please subscribe to our mailing list and do tell us! We would really like to know how this package doing in the distros, and we can sometimes even help.

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Usable konsole

Konsole was kinda borked for Hebrew/Arabic/Farsi users in the last weeks. This is the before image:


This was bug 156654 which was fixed by revision 766384. And here is how it looks today on my desktop:


Sweet, now I have a working Konsole once more מגניב
Robert, you are my weekend hero, I am sorry I did not know about that QPainter::drawText() voodo you used, otherwise I would not bother you with that. Now I am smarter. Thanks again!

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Syncing phones to KDE

Dear lazy web, 2 questions:

Question 1: as I have just recently bough a Nokia E65 (hmmmmm….) I would like to know how to sync the contacts and appointments to Kontact. Email is not interesting (IMAP/GMail is going it already). Contacts and appintments/TODO is what I need. The system is KUbuntu 7.10, please don’t ask me to install anything outside the repositories.

Question 2: it would be cool if the phone can be used as bluetooth mouse. Installing a small Java application on the phone is quite OK by me.

thanks מגניב

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We broke another one

Well, an old friend of mine has been broken. Sweet, one person less to world domination… מגניבצוחקזעוףמגניבבוכהפדיחההכסף מדברמוציא לשוןצוחקצוחק


MSameer: did you upgrade to the version of GNome in which they (finally) use the real DPI collected from X instead of hard coded 92…? this might explain why you see small fonts.

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KDE 4.0 is out

KDE 4.0 is out. Thanks to all the people who had to do anything with it, because of you, the world is a better place now 🙂 I would like to specially thank TSDgeo on his great job coordinating the announcement. He did an excellent job maintaining 24 different teams, and their translation.

Here in Israel, there seems to be a discussion about making a KDE 4.0.0 release party, piggy bagging the monthly Ubuntu on the grass event, that some Ubuntu folks have been organizing in the last months. Don’t count in seeing me there, but I assume other geeks^H^H^Hl inux users will be there… 😉

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Could be worse

KDE4 to be released this week, will be the first KDE to exclude official Hebrew translations, since KDE 2.2 (but even KDE 1.1.4 had Hebrew translations). This is only because there is no translation team.

I have asked on local forums for someone to fill in the job, and finally when some try to send me some translations, my KDE4 installation is so borked it does not boot. Then, I am too lazy to fix it. Then I am having problems installing the translations. (to everyone in kde-i18n-doc, sorry for beeing a n00b).

Eventually I managed to fix it (thanks to Chusslove Illich, Часлав Илић), and install the translations available on the SVN. Yes, the statistics are to low to be part of KDE4.0.0, but some things do work. So the following screen shots, are the result of me sitting on my ass for 2 years and doing nothing for KDE4. Pretty good job 🙂


This is dollphin 4, running in hebrew. Yay!


Kate is still slightly translated. Look at the tree views, they are correct finally!


and even systemsettings is slightly translated. don’t know how, who cares! even searching is working.


Shai, Ran and Ofer, these screen shots are dedicated to you! Don’t worry, I did not forget, I am just lazy 🙂

I would like to say thanks to all the developers which made this possible, and a happy new year to all!

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